Dejan Lovren…


Usually, under normal circumstances, I don’t really get that super excited when LFC bring new players to the current squad. But witnessing Dejan Lovren posing in¬†this picture with a Liverpool’s scarf really made my day ūüėÄ

I reckon he had a decent World Cup¬†at Brasil. Oh yes, let’s not forgetting the solitary goal which he scored against Liverpool during his visit with his former club, Southampton last September…

And with Alberto Moreno’s deal more or less is confirmed, pending the customary medical procedures set ahead today, BR can now set his mind on bringing in¬†a marquee signing to pair with Daniel Sturridge up front.

Errr, perhaps Radamel Falcao or Edinson Cavani, gaffer?


Germany are Champions of the World!

My 5 things on 2014 World Cup:

  1. England mmg hampeh. Overrated. And the media plays some large part in it…
  2. Suarez will never learn until he gets some help. Pronto! You don’t bite people in a football match bro. In fact, any where for that matter.
  3. Too much despair. Too many broken hearts – yes, I’m refering to¬†a poor and substandard Brasilian side in years…
  4. Game pukul 12:00 am, 3:00 am and 6:00 am memang tak sesuai. I often found myself sleeping halfway through the first game. Ouch!
  5. German players are robot. They managed to consistently produce the same amount of work productivity in every game leading to the final and of course the final itself. No, I stand corrected. They are not robot. Instead they are android.
  6. Bonus – I pretty much fall in love with Astro’s World Cup App. Very interactive one!

Another four years to go then. Russia 2018!

What a goal!


Hats off to Gotze for that wonderfully taken half volley which without a doubt breaks millions of Argentinian hearts tonite.

Calm and collected.

Pure brilliance!

Congratulations Germany for your fourth World Cup.

Well deserved!

Btw, Higuain must be smacking his head against the wall repeatedly in the changing room later on. What a miss by him in the first half. Should have done better considering his reputation and vast experience in the 18 yards box.


Yes, he may have won FIFA Ballon d’Or four time. But until he gets his hand on the much sought-after World Cup, guess he is still a distance away from the great Maradona.

Did his best but lady luck was clearly not by his side in this game especially when his best shot narrowly missed Germany’s goal-mouth.

Note: If my mind serves me right, the manner the goal was scored is similar to the last World Cup when Iniesta tuck the ball into the back of Nederland’s net during the extra time. Coincidence!

Yes, a quick check on Wikipedia confirmed it. The solitary goal that sent the Spanish team in jubilation was scored just 4 minutes bar full time of the extra time…

Motor Takaful and MyEG…


I have been wanting to write about this piece for quite some time now but alas, being a busy full time student who’s currently inundated with tons and tons of writing up to do, I guess time got the better of me.

But wait, there’s no such thing as a perfect thesis or dissertation right?


So, I guess, it will do me no harm if I take some time off from it once in a while…

For as long as I can remember, when it comes to renewing my car insurance and road tax, I’ve always let the bank to do all the dirty works for me. As always, without failed, each year I would received a letter from them reminding me that it’s that time of the year again. The letter¬†would list down all the particulars and the total amount that I have to fork out.

I would then later contacted the bank over the phone and the person in charged would text me the account no to bank in the amount.

Once I’ve transferred the money,¬†voila! Done and done.

All I have to do then was to wait for a couple of days before heading to the nearest branch to collect the cover note and road tax.

For some reason, they don’t do house delivery. Not sure why.

It’s July now and yes. it’s time for me to renew my car insurance and road tax.

Macam cantik jer kan? Time nak raya ni la dia nak mati road tax, hahaha…

For this year, I decided to take matter into my own hands.

Step up and be a man.

Well, kind of.

The thing is I just found out about Motor Takaful from one of the forums I frequently visit. Based on the positive reviews from the community, I said to my self, why not. Just go for it. And oh yeah, on top of the annual NCD, I can get an extra 10% rebate/discount by getting my car insurance done via Motor Takaful.

What? 10% discount?

Yes, believe me.

Awat la tak tau sebelum ni lagi. Hahaha…

So, just head over to Btw, you must renew your car insurance first before getting your road tax – hence Motor Takaful for car insurance. For car road tax, that can be done via MyEG.

To proceed, please make sure you have all these documents next to you to expedite the process:

  • Copy of Motor Cover Policy from previous Insurance/Takaful Institution or
  • Copy of Cover Note from previous Insurance/Takaful Institution or
  • Copy of Vehicle registration card

No site registration is needed. The whole thingy involved a 5-step process:

  1. Check NCD
  2. Quotation
  3. Confirmation
  4. Payment
  5. Receipt

It took me around 20 mins or so to complete the whole process till a receipt is displayed for me to print out.

Another great thing is, since Motor Takaful is interlinked with MyEG, once you’re with¬†your car insurance, you can straight¬†away visit the latter to get your road tax renewed. Easy ehh?

And the best thing of all, my road tax was safely delivered to my doorstep on the very next day.




Taken from Nazali Noor РUlu Yam Di Liverpool

Baca artikel ni saya senyum sumbing.
Ingat lagi push factor yang buat saya hijrah UK 7-8 tahun lalu.
Masa tu saya taknakpun dok permanent kat UK tu
Saya cuma nak ambil cuti tanpa gaji 5 tahun
Saya nak buat banyak sangat kolaberasi antara Eropah dengan Malaysia
Mat Salih kat sana iktiraf TALENT saya
Mereka kata
“Talk to your country Naz. Tell them we need you to spearhead and be the link for several collaborations between UK and Malaysia”
Saya bawa huluran tangan IFMEC yang merupakan organisasi terbaik pengurusan fasiliti di Eropah kerana mereka mahukan saya teraju hub IFMEC di Malaysia bagi Asia Tenggara
Saya bawa sapaan Liverpool John Moores University untuk pelbagai usahasama dua hala antara universiti Malaysia dan LJMU.
Saya bawa jabatan tangan University College London yang besar hati nak buat usahasama dengan Malaysia walaupun mereka antara 10 universiti terbaik di dunia.
Naik turun segala kementerian yang berwajib
Jumpa majikan saya dan fakulti tunjuk bukti kolaberasi
Tapi satupun tak sokong saya
Mereka kata apa saya nak buat ni susah
Mereka kata risiko
Mereka kata nanti kalau gagal macamana sebab semua organisasi tu world class.
Kerana itu saya hijrah
Saya pergi
Walau bergolok bergadai tebus diri
Kerana Malaysia tak iktiraf TALENT saya masa tu
Walau hijrah saya sukar dulu
Saya kata pada mereka mereka yang merantai saya dulu
Saya kata
“Kita takkan jadi bangsa kelas pertama kalau hati kita tak besar!
Saya akan tunjuk yang saya akan jadi lagi patriotik tunjuk kat Mat Salih orang kitapun sama hebat macam diorang Tuan.
Saya akan buat apa yang Tuan kata sukar ni walau tuan tak sokong”
Alhamdulillah… Kita ada Allah kan?
Sedihnya kita tak pandang TALENT orang kita bila kat sini
Kita tak bagi peluangpun
Kita tak dorongpun
Negara luar pulak yang nampak
Yang iktiraf
Yang bagi peluang
Dah tu kita baru terhegeh hegeh nak appreciate TALENT jemput dengan kompang carpet merah nak tuai ajak balik lepas they made it out there?
Masa diorang nak payung berteduh dulu kita koyak rabakkan payung tu?
Saya faham sangat kalau mana yang taknak balik tu kenapa.
Tak salahkan diorang.
Bukan diorang tak patriotik
Bukan tak sayang tanah air
Tapi TALENT mereka diiktiraf dan diberi peluang kat sana dari masa semua orang tak percaya mereka ni boleh jadi STAR.
Masa mereka ni rough diamond lagi.
So brain drain or not bukan isunya
I have learnt my lesson the hard way
Hijrah satu pengorbanan
Bacalah UYDL2 tentang hijrah saya… Hijrah kami
Kalian pasti mengerti nanti…

Be careful…


The above incident is just one of the many food-poisoning cases that have been repeatedly reported either via the mainstream or social media, year in year out during the month of Ramadhan.

It is rather unfortunate for this poor family to have gone through such ordeals where four of their family members had to be hospitalised having eaten some food bought at their local bazaar Ramadhan.

Speaking from our experience, having had our own share of adverse experiences from the some of the food bought at these bazaars, my family and I have stopped frequenting them for over the last three years.

A decision which was hard at first, considering the various and diverse choices of food delicacies available at the bazaar.

Nevertheless, with safety¬†as our main priority, I believe it’s for the best.

Still, should we crave for the delicious murtabak or ayam percik during the fasting month, our best best shall be Pasar Malam Seksyen 6. So far, it has never failed to deliver!

What ever it is, I urge those who are involved to put extra emphasis on the hygienic aspect when preparing their food to be sold to others.

Keuntungan di dalam perniagaan sememangnya dicari sana sini tetapi keberkatan di dalam berniaga¬†lebih tinggi nilainya…

It’s inevitable…


Neymar, injured and out of 2014 World Cup!

Big Phil has warned us repeatedly that this will happen sooner, rather than later. Judging by the way the man in the middle of the pitch officiated the game this morning, clearly he planned to keep his cards in his pockets for as long as he possibly could.

Tackles were coming fast from players¬†on¬†both sides of the pitch,¬†left and right, knowingly that they won’t be easily punished despite how awful some of these tackles were.

And after looking back at the nasty incident – many thanks to Astro On the Go’a Fifa World Cup app, Neymar is just a lucky boy to have escaped the horrendous tackle from Zuniga with a non-surgery injury alas, a broken back.

Still, he’s expected to be out for the next four weeks. Meaning no more World Cup for him.

And oh,¬†the timing couldn’t be worst than this.

After a victory against Columbia, awaits them in the semi final is the mighty Germany.

Yes, I acknowledge the fact that a football team is made out of 11 players but losing Neymar will be a huge blow to the squad. I doubt there will be another player in the bench who is able to replicate Neymar’s performance in the¬†next stage’s crucial game.

And please don’t get me started on where on earth will the goals be coming from. With their top goal scorer out, Big Phil will definitely be having a few sleepless nights thinking about this.

With all due respect to Fred, he for me is simply a bystander in this edition of World Cup.

That may sound harsh coming from a fellow footballer (yes, he plays for Brasil and I am just an average player, huhu…) but apart from his solitary goal against the already-ousted Cameroon in the last group match, there’s nothing much can be said about him.

My prediction for the upcoming crucial match? It’s a lottery, to be decided by spot kicks. I really want for Brasil to win the cup on their home soil but as they say, football is round. Anything can happen eventually…